In this section we endeavour to thoroughly refute the accusations, assertions and misconceptions meted out against Islaam. Reciprocally, we shall when necessary answer these with difficult and piercing counter-arguments that some Sikhs may find offensive. Although we appreciate such sentiments, we believe it is a necessary prerequisite for the practice of tolerance and understanding that freedom of expression within the boundaries of objectivity, grounded in proofs and evidences, be expressed. Otherwise tolerance and understanding would merely be non-conceptual, empty and redundant terms.
All rebuttals received shall be published in full provided they adhere to the universal rules of dialogue and debate, i.e. rebuttals must be in response to articles on this site and specific to the subject chosen.

Silencing Tisarpanth's Prattling Tongue Response to the plagiarlist Tisarpanth's falsehoods regarding the Qur'an and Islam
Superstitious Hadith and Science A rebuttal to the article: Reply to the article 'SUPERSTITIOUS HADITHS EXPLAINED', published by the blog: 'Replies to Islam-Sikhism'
The Neglectful Guru Nanak 'Sikhing Truth' tackles the assertion that Guru Nanak failed to fulfil the conjugal rights of his wife Sulakhni
Debating the Right Time to Marry 'Sikhing Truth' attempts to objectively prove what the morally acceptable maximum age difference and the correct age is for marriage
'Did Muhammad Neglect his Wives' Rights? Bijla Singh tries to defend Nanak's neglect of his wife's rights while audaciously attempting to accuse Prophet Muhammad of the same failure!
'Contradicting Allah' or
a confused Bijla Singh?
Another confused, jumbled and desperate attempt at defending the indefensible theology of Nirgun-Sargun (when will they learn?)
Awakening the Holy Book that Sleeps Bijla Singh attempts to rescue himself and his co-religionists from the accusation of idol worship vis-a-vis Sri Guru Granth Sahib
Project Naad's Racist Rant Despite their high moral claims, Project Naad is caught making a disgraceful racist rant
Project Naad Defends The Theory Of Karma Project Naad's attempt to defend the theory of Karma is thoroughly exposed in this counter-rebuttal
Project Naad's Defence of a Nirgun-Sargun God The infinitesimal simplicity of Project Naad's response to the Nirgun-Sargun conundrum
The Impossible God A reply to those who claim God transcends rationality, is omnipotent, and can thus do impossible things
The Universal Law of Non-Contradiction An eye opening bombshell for those who attempt to negate this self-evident truth
Refuting the claim that Muslims "beat" their wives This misconception has arisen due to the ignorance of the Arabic language and the inaccessibility of the classical scholarly commentaries of the Qur'an
The Contradiction known as Religious Pluralism Refuting the absurd and untenable proposition of religious pluralism, i.e. all religions "lead to God"
The Charge of Paedophilia A complete refutation of the hackneyed charge made against the Prophet's marriage to 'A'ishah followed by a stern cross-examination