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All cited links herein are recommended in regards to material specifically countering any and all anti-Islamic and Islamophobic literature and research from non-Muslim sources. It does not extend in any way, shape or form to cover anything other than this.


The primary purpose of Islamic-Awareness website is to educate Muslims about the questions and issues frequently raised by the Christian Missionaries and Orientalists. You will find a variety of excellent articles and responses to missionary and Orientalist writings. The material on this website is frequently updated with new articles, references and arguments.


Run by da’ee/ apologist Bassam Zawadi, this site has successfully rebutted much of the disinformation and outright lies promulgated by various Christian and non-Christian anti-Islamic websites.


The only da’wah site on the net directed at calling Hindus to Islam and rebutting the arguments of the the likes of Arya Samaj et alia.


A comprehensive website for those interested in Islaam, as well as those who have taken the blessed step of converting to Islaam. It has exclusive interviews with converts, including ex-celebrities, such as, former rap artist and ‘Outlawz’ member Napolean (now: Mutah Beale), and former rapper Loon (now: Amir Junaid Muhadith) of P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. It contains a wealth of information on the fundamentals of Islam along with a forum inviting to discussion and dialogue.


This site is “inviting people to explore the profoundness and contents” of the Qur’an – God’s “timeless universal message to all of humanity”. It also aims to tackle the misrepresentations of Islam which arise due to “a lack of knowledge in the community and reluctance on the part of Muslims to articulate their cause and their beliefs”.